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#PastorHearMeOut... Transform your life and church through the CAPACITY pastoral mentorship program.  The level of professional development you will receive will aid you in achieving a high level of pastoral excellence and precision.  

Pastoral Mentorship Program

Be developed as a pastor.  Expand your perspective. Prepare to enlarge your capacity.  

With nearly a decade of pastoral, relaunch and multiple location experience, Dr. Aaron McNair, II is prepared to take you on a learning journey that will change your life.  Dr. McNair balances being a husband, father, pastor of two churches, planting an additional location, overseeing 8 other churches and is labeled as "Mr. Excellence". The systems, structures, trainings and teachings he has developed will help you in being a phenomenal pastor and take your church to another level.  Prepare to have passion renewed, a new love for the work and stronger work ethic as a leader.    

Do not second guess, make the investment!  Join Today and ENLARGE YOUR CAPACITY!


The only thing stopping you from next level pastoring is registering now!

Teaching Focuses & Resources...
Pastoral Excellence
Church Administration
Music & Musicians
Multimedia Excellence
Preaching/Sermon Series
Organizational Structure 
Church Culture
Pastoral Character 
Church Finance
Building Effective Teams

and much more...

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Pastoral Mentorship Program

Your Life and Ministry Changes when you JOIN!


Year Subscription

Group Virtual Mentorship
Private Facebook Group
Access to Pastoral Resources 
Manuscripted Sermons 
Question & Answer Sessions 


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