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Husband |  Father | Pastor | Author | Leadership Consultant 

Aaron McNair, II is a 7th generation preacher.  He is an influential mentor and trendsetter for his generation.  Pastor Aaron is an innovative leader, ingenious strategist, author, prolific teacher and passionate preacher.  He is the Lead Pastor of Mt. Moriah Community Church-Raleigh, the second launch of five locations.  He also serves as the Senior Pastor of Deeper Life Church Ministries Goldsboro, NC.  With 20 years of ministry experience, Pastor Mac has the humbling opportunity of traveling nationally and internationally teaching God's word, training ministry leaders and preachers.  He has earned academic degrees and certifications in the areas of Homiletics and Hermeneutics, Theology, Christian Ministry and Leadership.  His favorite assignment is Husband and Father.  He is married to Lady Ashley McNair and together they have two children, Aylana and Aaron III.


If you serve in secondary leadership in the church then EQUIP is for YOU!  Pastor Mac takes time to do several monthly teachings to enhance you as a servant leader in the church.  Administration, media, music, preaching, ideas, concepts and much more.  Connect via Facebook today!

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Culture is the strongest force in an organization; not vision or strategy but the culture. The culture is what holds all other components of the organization.  The answer to why your church is not where you think it should be could absolutely be because of the culture. It is my apostolic mandate to empower the body of Christ to develop a culture of excellence in our churches globally.  Excellence is not the ultimate goal.  Changed lives are the goal, but excellence merely describes the way we plan to achieve the goal.


This book “Culture Shift” will teach, motivate and equip you to develop a powerful and trendsetting culture of excellence in your church.  Shifting your life, ministry and church from where it is into the fullness of what God desires for it to be.  The culture of excellence is the culture that allows you to be liberated from the prison of antiquated thought processes and not perform “behind bars” as usual. The culture of excellence becomes a leader’s oxygen.


Shifting the culture of your church will push you further into the purpose that God has designed for your community, city and region. 


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Don’t Blow It! “The Gift, The Calling & The Opportunity” Aaron McNair, Jr. takes a practical approach in inspiring readers to go after opportunities that God grants in life.

You're Anointed

You're Gifted

You're Called

You're Chosen

You're Effective


But what's holding you back from releasing all that's within you? Fear? Forgiveness? Strongholds? Arrogance? Lack of Confidence? Your Past? Connections? “Dreams are only dreams to those who wake up and never pursue them.” Perhaps we are in our current place because of our failure to change our current place. We often pray for God to change our situation but maybe we should pray for God to change our mind which in return gives US the power to change our own situation.


God has granted us Purpose, Gifting and Opportunity. This book will encourage readers to take advantage of The Gift, The Calling, The Opportunity and DON'T BLOW IT!